Gaggle.Fun is revolutionizing the way we play games.

Whether we like it or not, the ways in which people work and play is changing. We have noticed a number of our friends finding creative solutions to play together, while not being together. Using fragmented, make-shift combinations of technology to accomplish simple tasks seemed silly. At Gaggle, we've solved this problem by integrating video chat right into our games. What we didn't realize, is that we didn't just make our games more intuitive, but we unlocked entirely new game mechanics that have never been seen before.

We're not your typical startup.

We're not green; our leadership has been through trials of starting and operating successful businesses. We've also learned to steer clear of obstacles that get in the way of winning. We understand the importance of drive and know what it takes to motivate teams to accomplish what is seemingly impossible.

Where we are right now

  • The company was bootstrapped internally but has recently received series seed funding and we continue to grow at break-neck speeds.
  • We've been working on the platform since April 2020 and have solved a number of technical challenges.
  • We've already started solidifying our development pipeline and platform engine to facilitate rapid deployment of content.
  • The public response on our games has been nothing but stellar. We're excited to open the flood-gates and crank content out to the real-world. Teaser Video

We want to go fast.

With the launch of our games on the immediate horizon we have structured ourselves to be able to continually develop our platform and expand our library. We're no stranger to 'working through it' and adapting as we see how the community likes to play. How we establish ourselves as a performant entertainment company isn't a question we care to answer. It's how fast can we do it.

Who we want to work with.

With the right strategic partners we believe we can accelerate to solidify us as the leader in this new way of gaming. A partner that understands and trusts our core strengths while being able to help smooth the road ahead of us is integral for us to maintain our momentum.

Limitless possibilities.

We have a number of laterals up our sleeve and we've only begun to scratch the surface of what we can achieve. We're open to sharing our ideas with like-minded individuals and organizations. If our messaging resonates with you, shoot us an e-mail. Our gaggle WILL grow and we would love to see if you could be a part of it.

Key takeaways

  • Our success in location-based entertainment reinforces our understanding of how to engineer social experiences
  • We are innovators with unorthodox pipeline production methodologies; the cornerstone of our software is designed for reducing deployment times
  • With over 10,000 hours of observed social game-play, we know what works, and it's deeply embedded in the core of our company culture