The Start of Gaggle

Oct. 13th, 2020

Spring 2020: people are all indoors, and the world is under enforced lockdown. People are trying and struggling to keep in touch, through various video chat programs (Skype, this was your moment to shine, and you totally dropped the ball. Honestly, how do you go from the most used video chat program to barely a footnote?). With everyone at home and lethally bored, people were jerry-rigging different systems together for make-shift online hangout spaces. 

Throughout all of this chaos, there came to be a single idea. What If? What if there could be a way to have a fully integrated system, to allow for gaming and video chat at the same time? What if you could play games and hangout with your distanced friends and family all together? This idea haunted a group of friends, who decided to see if they could design something to fill this gap.

This idea went from just a little something to occupy their time during quarantine, to an actual possibility, to a fully realized company in a matter of months. This small group of friends (who are now the Four Founders of Gaggle Fun), have brought together a great team of programmers and animators, and are starting to develop fun group party games, to smaller four-player escape rooms.

With no real end in sight, everyone seems to be resigning themselves to another year of enforced indoor quarantine. At least this year, there won’t be any need for wrestling with technology (and having to give out distance IT support to those older family members who don’t quite understand how to use their computers). Just head on over to Gaggle Fun, take a gander at the different games available, download and get started!